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Chocolate Factory
Up the airy mountain, down the rushing glen. we dare not go a hunting, for fear of little men.
You see, nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever comes out!
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Boat Ride
There's no earthly way of knowing...
Which direction we are going...
There's no knowing where were rowing, or which way the rivers flowing.
Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing?
Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing...!
Are the fires of hell a-glowing?!
Is the grizzly reaper mowing?!
The danger must be growing, for the rowers keep on rowing!
And they're certainly not showing!
Any signs that they are slowing!
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Okay, so this is an Notes/Rp Thing. Its kinda boring at first, but trust me, it gets more interesting. XD Okay, so for the sake of privacy, I won't be saying names, so if you see this, (F/N), that means its my friends name. 
Me: Hi
(F/N): Hi
Me: Im bored.
(F/N):me too
Me: What ya wanna talk about?
(F/N): Charlie the Unicorn.
Me: Lol, they took his kidneys. XD
(F/N): Yep. We took his kidneys.
Me: *evil laugh*
(F/N): So, how are the kids?
Me: ? What do you mean?
(F/N): Your kids. How are they?
Me: I don't have any kids. Unless you count my sister and brother.
(F/N): U no have kids? Hmm... So... How are the siblings?
Me: They're doing pretty good. I get to hang out with my sister today. But my brother doesnt really care about me.
(F/N): Aww... You should slap him.
Me: haha, I would, but he's my brother and I still love him.
(F/N): Slap him. It will get his attention.
Me: I will on Friday. Not...
(F/N): Then you need to play Minecraft with him.
Me: I'm sad now. Give me a hug. I demand
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9th Doctor X Reader: Chapstick
(y/n) ran back into the TARDIS, her recently bought purchase in her pocket. Seeing that the Doctor wasn’t around, she decided to pull it out and use it. She stealthily snuck the tube of chapstick out of her pocket.
However, this wasn’t any normal tube of chapstick. It was banana flavored. (y/n) had had a crush on the Doctor ever since she started travelling with him. She was drawn to the aura that her leather jacket-wearing Time Lord gave off. When she found out that he loved bananas, she knew she had to do something.
(y/n) spread the chapstick all over her lips, breathing in the intoxicating scent, and slipped the tube back into her pocket-just in time, as the Doctor came out from another room.
“Done with shopping? That was quick,” he commented.
“I didn’t get very much.”
“Where is it then?”
“I already put it in my room,” (y/n) quickly lied.
The Doctor shrugged it off and examined the console. Suddenly, you can hear him
:iconstar-trekker-13:Star-Trekker-13 162 134
Suck it. by HollowGirl44 Suck it. :iconhollowgirl44:HollowGirl44 233 53 Nice bumper by RenNukimi Nice bumper :iconrennukimi:RenNukimi 75 18
Avengers x Teen!Reader ~ Fun-ness! [1]
"LET IT GO!!!"
    Tony Stark cringed in fearful anticipation from his place at the corner of the lab. His knees were pulled up to his chest - hands placed over his ears.
    (Name) had wanted to prove that science would go great with Disney movies - contrary to Tony's drunken remark, a few weeks prior. How he regretted it. 
Now, here she was - mixing reactive chemicals with each other, all the while singing the famous 'Frozen' song.
Oh but he knew the worst was yet to come.
(Name) - ever the showman - paused in her destructive marathon, and took a deep breath.
Oh god.
"Let the storm rage OOOOONNNNNN!!!!!"
...Aaaaand cue the shattering of every piece of glass within a 10 mile radius.
"The cold never bothered me anyway."
(Name) turned around - mimicking the movements of the movie - with all the grace,
:iconrandmwriter:RandmWriter 159 78
Duct Tape
It was a night like many other Arcee has spent inside the safety of the Darby's home garage. June was kind enough to offer the alien robot full run of the garage as a protective sleeping place, while the beat up white family car remained outside in the driveway, standing firm against the elements.
Although grateful for the garage, though it was still far to small for her to fully stand up in, Arcee often found herself bored, as many do when recharge escapes them. Having grown curious of Jack's work bench, she decides to to whittle away time examining the primitive human tools. Keeping to one knee, the two wheeler flips into her biped form, blue and pink optics adjusting to the dark surroundings with ease. First, she look towards the door leading into the house proper, audios straining to pick up the smallest sound. Nothing but the soft hum of the air conditioner outside rang through the night.
Satisfied her gracious hostess and partner are sound asleep, she reaches out with one clawed
:iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 80 49
30 Ways Optimus
30 Ways to Make TPF Optimus Punch You in the Face
1. Paint a mouth with big, luscious lips on his mouthplate when he has it on.
2. Put a dead iguana in his energon.
3. Threaten to tell the world that he sleeps with a stuffed llama.
4. Whack Ratchet in the back of the head with a shovel.  When he turns around to find the perpetrator and disperse justice, place the gardening tool into Optimus' hands and point innocently at him.
5. Perform a cannibalistic ritual in front of the Autobot base which involves tying Bumblebee to a pole and dancing around him with a spear.  Whenever someone walks by, screech at them to frighten them off.
6. Declare yourself the king (or queen) of Iacon and dye your hair a shade of neon green.
7. Dress in a banana suit and sing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" while he is the medbay.
8. Tie a steel cable around Bulkhead's neck, get on his back, and make him run down the hall towards Optimus shouting, "YEEEEE-HAAAAW!!"
9. At completely random moment
:iconagi-nekonin:agi-nekonin 192 94
BABS by HellishGayliath BABS :iconhellishgayliath:HellishGayliath 127 23 Teamwork by HellishGayliath Teamwork :iconhellishgayliath:HellishGayliath 345 76 Hoodie : over the year progress by Walwa Hoodie : over the year progress :iconwalwa:Walwa 49 8
FLAPPY BIRD DAMMIT~Bad Touch Trio X Reader
(yeah swearing and FLAPPY BIRD IS SO GOD DAMN......*deep breathe* Lets just get on with the story.) "Hey! What are you babies screaming about? I am trying to listen to the world meeting." You say. France, Spain and Prussia are all on their phones and having fits.
"This game is from the pits of hell." Prussia says.
"I AM GOING TO KILL THIS BIRD." Spain says shaking.
"Help us (y/n)." France says.
"You guys are such sissys, give me your phone Spain." You grab the phone and click start. "See this game isn't so....GOD FUCKING DAMMIT...I mean it is my first time playing so of course I failed the first time."
"That is what they all say (y/n). That is what they all say." France says shaking.
"I'll play another round to prove it too you."
"See I am doing bet....FUCKITY FUCK FUCKING I DIDN'T EVEN HIT THE GREEN FUCKING TUBE WHAT THE FUCK....I mean....This game isn't that bad just another round."
"Shit. We corrupted (y/n)." Prussia says.
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 250 321
Magnets (BuckyxChild!Reader)
(Name) Stark was playing with her toys, blissfully unaware of anything going on in her home. Being the daughter of none other than Tony Stark, naturally she had all the toys she wanted, and all the best ones. Tony was just domesticated like that now, and ever since he laid eyes on (Name) when she was one year old, he'd fallen for her and been wrapped around her finger ever since.
"Steve, what the fuck?!" You heard your Daddy yell. You stuck your bottom lip out a bit, being pulled out of your concentration and now annoyed.
"Tony, calm down-"
"Nope, nuh-uh, can't happen. I let you live in my damn Tower since your apartment got the hell sniped out of it—by him, might I add—and then you wanna do this to repay me? My daughter is three fucking years old, she doesn't need that in her life!"
You cocked an eyebrow. Why was Daddy arguing with Uncle Steve?
"Tony, calm down, please. He needs a place to stay, even temporarily-"
Tony ran his hands throug
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 800 75
Insane in the Membrane (TonyxReader)
You smiled as you walked into the hospital room, sitting down next to the bed. Tony had just had a surgery for a hernia repair to fix some tears from a previous surgery he had before, and you were finally able to see him again. His eyes were closed and he was completely out of it, attempting to feed himself a cracker.
“Eat the cracker, Tony.” You coaxed, watching as he moved it to his mouth and bit it.
“I need some medicine…” He mumbled.
“They’ll get you some soon, okay?”
“Hmm…” Tony bit off a small piece of the cracker and hiccupped, “Owwww…”
“It’s okay honey, they’re bringing the medicine.”
He nodded, his brown eyes still closed. He went to take a bite of his cracker, but then he started to giggle.
“Insane in the membraaaaaaaaaaaaaaane… Insane in the brain!”
“Eat your cracker, Tony.” You said with a few giggles of your own.
“I… I love t
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 210 36
Vampire!Italy x Reader: Stay Away!
"Feli, please pick up already!" you muttered angrily into your phone. Your best friend, Feliciano Vargas, had been ignoring you lately. Despite some of your countries friends saying that he was just busy with work, you could have sworn on Alfred's Big Mac that the Italian was avoiding you on purpose. It was getting fairly lonely without Feliciano; the two of you would always go everywhere with each other. You'd always mess around with Ludwig, hug Kiku, and even spy on Arthur's "dark magic" rituals. Yes, everywhere Feliciano went, you went right along with him.
Then, you heard the other end of the line be picked up, followed by a "Hello?"
"Feli!" you exclaimed, being a little louder - and more excited - than you had intended on beng. On the other end, you heard a quiet "Ow!"
"_-_____?" Feliciano asked. HIs voice was timid, guilty, almost.
"Where have you been? I haven't seen you in days!" you scolded. Your brow pinched t
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Fan Masky Hoody2 by Ashiva-K-I Fan Masky Hoody2 :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 1,292 247 Masky x Hoodie 1 by KanashiiBara
Mature content
Masky x Hoodie 1 :iconkanashiibara:KanashiiBara 39 21


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